Our Services...
We offer functional and decorative lathing and plastering, with exterior lath and stucco for high-end residential, commercial and light industrial projects.

Our extensive experience in historical restoration, which requires a higher level of skill, results in a true work of art.

Because of our reputation, we are sought to advise and offer workable solutions to all problems that relate to the lathing and plastering industry.
We Understand...
It starts with us. The personal relationships between Max Thompson, our owner, and each employee are based on mutual trust and respect.

These values have built a solid team, able to handle each project with confidence.

From start to finish, Max is involved and available to each General Contractor, supplier and superintendent.
Delivering Quality...
For the historical restoration that requires artistic skill and dedication, or the custom design that requires special attention, Tradesmen Quality Plastering is able to deliver.

We continue to improve our long history of excellence each day, and thereby contribute to your success.